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Business Contract Templates

When you are running a business, having a contract can keep you safe from legal issues. Whether you are selling your services or products and goods, you want to have a business contract to ensure that the terms are in writing and will protect both the seller and the buyer. These contracts include information about an offer, the acceptance of the offer, all considerations, and a meeting of the minds. 

Writing out a business contract isn't always necessary, but it is a good thing to have in writing in case there is any confusion about the terms of the deal. In order to protect you and your business, it is best to have one. However, having to write out a contract could be complicated, so using business contract templates could be a solution that works better for you. 

Why Get a Business Contract? 

Many deals may seem like you won’t need to have a business contract drawn up, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Plus, if you have a business contact, then you have written proof of what you and the other party agreed upon. If the other person were to not honor their side of the agreement, then you could take legal action if necessary. 

These contracts should clear up any disagreements in terms that could be an issue for you. For example, if you remember agreeing to purchase a certain amount of goods for your business on an -as-needed basis but the seller charges you monthly, then you will have a written statement of the agreement. This will make it easy to dispute the charge and ensure that you do not have to pay for the extra supplies. 

However, if you didn’t have a contract, then the other party could dispute the fact that you wanted the supplies on an as-needed basis and say that you should continue to owe the amount for the supplies that they sent for the second month. Without a contract, you may be on the hook for the money even though you didn’t want those extra supplies. 

So, there are some cases where you could end up with unforeseen consequences if you don’t have a business contract. Proving the terms of an oral agreement is extremely difficult, so not having them on paper could cause much more trouble for you than you might think. 

Types of Business Contracts 

Depending on whether you are selling or buying goods or services, the type of contract you will use will vary. There are two types of contracts used, a sales agreement or a service agreement. Sales agreements are used for the sale of goods and products, while a service agreement is for the purchase of a particular service or activity. 

Sales Agreement 

If you are buying or selling a product or good, then a sales agreement will be used to detail the terms of the purchase. Depending on what you are buying, and the price of the goods, you may include a payment schedule, delivery date, how the product will be delivered, and the price agreed upon. 

Service Agreement 

If you are selling or paying for a service, then the type of business contract you will use is a service agreement. This document will include the details of the service that will be provided, the price of the work, the estimated timeline of service, and when payments will begin. This may also include any details about what will happen if the work takes longer than expected, or how many workers will be used for the job. 

When to Use a Business Contract 

Although it may seem excessive to have to draw up a contract for every service or good that is purchased, it is a good practice to make second nature. This is because you should have a business contract for each transaction that involves money. This keeps the terms clear for all parties involved and ensures that there will be no issues along the way. 

Every time that you buy a product or pay for a service, the best way to protect yourself is to have one of these documents. 

What Goes Into a Business Contract 

When drawing up a contract, you want to use business contract templates to ensure that you have all the basic sections needed to make it clear and legally binding. However, you should still know what should be included so that you always have the necessary information each time you create a new contract. 

Although there may be some variations with each contract, there are some similar and basic sections that will be included in all of your contracts. 

The Offer 

Because money is being exchanged, you will have an offer that is made for the service or good. This should be simple and state who will be buying what, and the price that is agreed on. If you are paying for a service, you can include the price per hour that will be paid to the seller. 


If the other party agrees with the offer and accepts the terms of the agreement, then this section will show that acceptance with a signature. If this signature is not on the contract, it is not valid. So, ensure that this section is there. 


The consideration section is something of value, which will most commonly be money. However, that is not always the case. For example, someone could agree to provide services for payment for goods or services. If so, you will make this clear in this section and state what will be given to you in exchange for your service or product. 

Details of Offer 

This is where you will go into specific details of the offer. This section will include the condition of the products or goods purchased, the date that payment is due, and the form of payment that will be given. You may also want to include what will happen if the products do not arrive on time, if it is broken or damaged during shipping or delivery, or if the product cannot get to you for any reason. 

If you are dealing with provided services, then you can include the time in which the services will be provided, how often, and when or if the services will end. 

Final Signatures 

This section will include the signatures of both parties to show that you and the other party are in agreement with the terms and details of the contract. You will need to ensure that you sign the document, not just the other party, or else the contract is not valid. 

Business Contract Tips 

A good way to do business and protect yourself is to use contracts, but if you have never had to deal with one before, then you might run into a few common issues when you get started. So, to help you get over the bumps that may happen along the way, here are some tips on what you can do when trouble comes along. 

Denying Signing a Contract 

Not every vendor or service provider may be happy with you wanting to use a business contract, and this is not something that you can make them sign. So, what do you do if they refuse to sign a contract? Well, although this may be difficult for you, you may want to get a new vendor. Not having that contract leaves room for issues with terms, which will be harmful to your business. 

Working with vendors or businesses that won’t sign a contract is not a good idea for yourself or your business, and it puts you at risk. But, if you would like to keep them, you can tell them that you will not do business with anyone who will sign a contract. This may cause them to rethink using a contract to stay in business with you. If not, you will want to say goodbye. 

Changing the Offer Terms 

If you have a contract written out and signed, but something has come up that causes one or both parties to want to change the terms, then you will want to create a whole new contract. It is not a good idea to change the original document because it could look like you changed the terms without the other party’s consent.

Instead, making a new contract with both signatures will be the best way to go. This ensures you will have the terms correct, and that any other changes can be made while creating the new document. While making the new contract, you will want to include the fact that this contract is to be abided by instead of the original contract. Once the document is signed, the terms on the new document will be in effect. 

Creating contracts and documents takes some work, but it shouldn’t be too hard for you to do. However, if you want to use business contract templates as a way to ensure that you have all the necessary information included, this is a good way to make your contracts look professionally done.