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This Agreement is entered by and between Jonas Adam, individually or collectively as the "Signee" and Jane Smith, as the "Signer", together referred to as the "Parties".
The Contract is dated [the date both parties sign].

1. Agreement terms

The Parties agree that the following agreement is dependent on the terms presented as follow:

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Owning a boat has a lot of perks! You can go fishing, enjoy a warm summer afternoon water skiing, or just relax out on the water. Buying a boat can be pretty stressful and overwhelming with all the paperwork that comes with it. Do you already have a specific boat picked out? Are you buying new or used? 

If possible, taking the boat for a test drive like you would a car can make a big difference in whether or not you want to purchase the boat. It’s important to make sure that you have everything else you need in order to own a boat successfully. You’ll need specific paperwork and information in order to successfully get this boat in your hands. It’s crucial to have a boat bill of sale to make the entire process as easy as possible. 

Owning a boat changes your lifestyle. (Source)

What is a Boat Bill of Sale?

You know how when you buy a car, the title gets transferred over? A boat bill of sale is essentially the same thing, but for watercraft. While it’s important to have a bill of sale for the boat, it’s even more important to not sign anything until the boat has been delivered to your property or the marina you’ll be storing it in. 

If you’re interested in selling your boat, a bill of sale is necessary to successfully transfer the title to the new owner. You shouldn’t purchase or sell a boat without a bill of sale successfully filled out. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling your own online or you’re buying from a private dealership. It must be done to protect both the buyer and the seller legally. 

In the event that the seller accuses the buyer of not paying for the boat or the buyer claims the seller lied about the condition, a boat bill of sale will have everything in writing to protect both parties. 

What’s considered a boat? When most people hear the word boat, they think of a fishing boat. Below is a list of all watercraft that are considered boats and will need a bill of sale:

  • Canoe
  • Ferry
  • Cabin Cruiser
  • Kayak
  • Fishing Boat
  • Powerboat
  • Tugboat
  • Yacht
  • Sailboat
  • Skiff
  • Rowboat

How Do I Buy or Sell a Boat?

If you’ve decided to sell your boat, you need to make a list of what you want to sell with it. Will you be included accessories like life jackets and fishing poles? Will the boat come with a trailer? Are you wanting to charge extra for the outboard motor? These are things to consider when you’re trying to figure out how much you want to sell your boat for. 

You’re not going to sell a boat for the same price when you’re including a bunch of stuff. You’ll lose out on money if you choose to do that. But what if you don’t have any idea how much your boat is worth? Thankfully there are things you can do to find out how much you should list your watercraft for. You could look up the make and model like you would a car, but there are other matters at hand first. 

Hiring a Broker

One of the first things that you need to consider is whether or not you want to use a broker to sell your boat. How do you know if you need a broker? Well, ask yourself if your boat is worth more than $35,000. If it is, you may want to hire a broker. 

Many marinas already have them available to hire. Brokers come with plenty of perks. They’ll make sure you get a great deal, they’ll clean the boat for you, and they show it to potential buyers. 

Selling it Yourself

If your boat is worth less than $35,000, you may want to save your money and sell the boat yourself. The majority of brokers won’t work with you unless you have a more expensive boat to sell. There are plenty of places online that you can successfully sell your boat. No matter if you sell it yourself or not, it’s important that your boat is in the best condition before listing it for sale. 

Give it a clean up and wash down the exterior. Consider if there are any expensive repairs that need to be done. It may be worth it to fix up the small repairs in order to make sure you get the most money when selling it. Something else that you’ll have to do when selling it yourself is to show the boat to potential buyers. 

Depending on where you live, this may be easier done at a marina, than at your home. It’s also a safe and public place to be meeting strangers interested in buying your boat. Having your boat docked will also give people a good idea of what it will feel to take it out on the water. You may even want to offer them a test drive!

Harbors can be a great storage option. (Source)

How Do I Complete a Boat Bill of Sale?

There are certain things that you’ll need to know in order to complete a bill of sale. Let’s take a look so that you know exactly all the information you’ll need ahead of time. 


It’s crucial to include the county and state in which the sale is taking place. Remember, this is not where you or the other party live necessarily. This is the county and state where the sale is happening. If you live in Newport Beach but sell your boat in San Diego, you’d put in San Diego and San Diego County. 


You’ll want to know the condition of the boat, along with the make and model. It’s important to know the year of the boat and the odometer reading. You’ll also want to have the title number and hull ID handy. 


You’ll simply need or provide, depending on if you’re the buyer or seller, the purchasing party’s signature and full name

Purchase Price

It’s important to list the purchase price. This is what you are charging or paying for the boat. You can go the extra mile and include what that price is including to cover yourself legally. 


You will also need the seller’s name and signature as well, including any co-owners

How Do I Write a Boat Bill of Sale?

You’re ready to write a boat bill of sale. You could easily download a free form from the internet, but you can also write your own. You’ll need quite a bit of information to do it yourself. Follow these four easy steps and you’ll be good to go! 

  1. Step one is all about the parties involved. You will need the names of the people or person buying the boat. You’ll also need to provide your name if you’re selling the boat. Lastly, write down the official date of sale. This is the date that you have the money in your hands and the buyer has the keys. 
  2. Next, you want to include all of the important information about the watercraft. This is where you’ll write in the make, model, year, odometer reading, and all of that information. This will include the title number and hull ID as well. Remember, if you’re selling a boat trailer along with the boat, that is separate information that needs to be added in this section.
  3. Time to sign! You need to write down each item that is being sold and for what price. After this, you’ll need to have the buyer and seller print and sign their names. It’s important to include the date as well. You’ll also need a space for witness signatures as well. 
  4. Last but not least, a notary will witness the signing happening. They will then make the document legal and give a signature to approve everything. After that, you’re okay to part your separate ways. You’ve sold your boat!

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