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This Agreement is entered by and between Jonas Adam, individually or collectively as the "Signee" and Jane Smith, as the "Signer", together referred to as the "Parties".
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1. Agreement terms

The Parties agree that the following agreement is dependent on the terms presented as follow:

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If you're a member of a board of a corporation, whether it's for-profit or not, sometimes you will need to join a meeting of the other shareholders. As with all corporate legal matters, it's best to have things in writing, so the proper way to do that is with a notice of meeting. The notice of meeting will contain basic information such as when you'll meet, where you will meet, and what the agenda for the meeting is. 

The notice of meeting doesn't need to be very long or complex, but it does need to follow some general guidelines to ensure you're creating it properly and. Read on below for everything you need to know about creating a proper notice of meeting template.

What is a notice of meeting?

If you run an organization that has a board, along with shareholders, directors, and other individuals who have a vested interest in the organization itself, then you are required by several different fronts to provide a notice of when there is a meeting related to the organization. This meeting can mean many different things, from a regular annual shareholders meeting to discuss company updates, to a more frequent but still regular shareholder meeting such as on a monthly or quarterly basis, or even as for an ad hoc issue such as a time-sensitive business matter that needs to be discussed on short notice. 

In any case, if you are expecting to take formal action during the meeting itself, such as proposing board resolutions or making other significant business decisions, then it is best to have a formal and written notice of meeting. Reminders or notifications via phone call or message such as SMS, chat, or instant message simply won't be sufficient. For these types of matters it is best to be explicit and have a paper trail of the notice you gave the other individuals. Although this may take a little extra time and it may be considered unnecessary work, it can potentially save you a lot of issues in dealing with shareholders and other interested parties should dispute arise in the future. The notice of meeting doesn't need to be very complicated, and there are many notice of meeting templates you can use to quickly create a document that covers everything you need.

When should you use a notice of meeting template?

Anytime you are calling a meeting with interested or relevant parties, such as shareholders or directors, you should include a notice of meeting for them. That notice of meeting is required whether at the meeting itself is given on short notice and ad hoc in nature, or even if it is a regular, recurring meeting such as an annual or quarterly shareholder’s meeting. Lastly, you should keep a copy of the notice of meeting to attach to the board minutes as documentation and proof that you provided the notice of meeting to shareholders.

What else is a notice of meeting known as?

A notice of meeting can also be called a meeting notice, a meeting notice to shareholders, or a board meeting notification.

A meeting notice can provide a great foundation for productive relationships with your board members as well as for successful board meetings. (Source)

What type of notice do I need to give?

Each state and even each individual corporation may have different rules regarding the minimum notice period for required for meetings. These individual corporations may also even have different rules on whether notice periods are required for regular known meetings, such as annual shareholder meetings. It's important to review your corporate guidelines before issuing a meeting notice or not to ensure you are following those guidelines and don't get yourself into trouble. Even if a notice is optional, you should know whether it would be helpful and appreciated by your shareholders and directors. If so and if the cost is not too heavy to produce a notice of meeting, then it may be worthwhile providing a meeting notice out of consideration. These are the situations where it would be very helpful to have a notice of meeting template to save you time.

When providing a meeting notice, or when a corporation sets rules for a sufficient notice, several factors must be considered. The first is, as mentioned above, whether a notice is required for certain types of meetings or whether it is required at all for any meetings. The next type of consideration is how many days notice must be given, taking into account business days, holidays, and more.

Another aspect of the notice that must be considered is the method of delivery and notification. Is it sufficient to send an email, or must you send a notice over certified mail? What about telephone or text message? Does the recipient need to confirm receipt of the invitation for it to be considered valid? These are all things that will be laid out and decided by your corporation ahead of time and you should be sure to be familiar with them to avoid any issues in the future.

What should a meeting notice template contain?

There is no single set of requirements for a meeting notice template. Each state in each corporation will have their own rules and restrictions on what must be contained in a meeting notice. However, there are several common elements that will appear in many meeting notices. The first is the meeting location. The idea of the meeting notice is to give interested shareholders sufficient time and information to be able to attend and engage with the corporation in the meeting. One important piece of that information is where the meeting is taking place, in addition to when it is taking place. If you have many shareholders who are living far from the meeting location, then you may want to consider giving a slightly longer meeting notice period to allow them time to travel to the meeting if they'd like.

Similarly, many corporations and states will allow remote communication to these meetings. This means that they will allow interested parties to attend by phone, conference call, video sharing, or some other means of remote communication. This can be especially beneficial if you have many shareholders or if they live far away from the intended meeting place.

The meeting notice itself should contain at least a summary of the agenda items expected to be discussed and decided at the meeting itself. This will allow the board to have sufficient information and contacts to consider and act upon the contents of the meeting. While the level of detail of the meeting agenda will vary on a company by company basis, it often is best to include some context so shareholders can decide whether to attend or not and how much to prepare for it.

Lastly, the meeting notice template should provide a space for an authorized officer to sign the meeting notice for record-keeping purposes. Them signing it will encourage them to have reviewed the meeting notice template, and to ensure it is consistent with the company bylaws and any other regulations that the business must follow. The authorized officer signing the meeting notice will also ensure that it is included in the paperwork of the meeting itself and that the meeting is compliant from the perspective of the company bylaws.

Keep your board and shareholders happy by providing a notice of meeting and/or waiver of notice when it's appropriate. (Source)

What is a waiver of notice? 

A waiver of notice is used by the company in the event of a special or emergency meeting, such as one called for a specific purpose on a very short notice. This waiver of notice is typically sent via certified postal mail or email, or some other urgent method of communication, and it serves several purposes. It serves the general purpose of the meeting notice, to notify the recipients that the meeting will happen, when it will happen, and what will be discussed. However, a waiver notice, when included in a meeting notice, allows the recipient to formally notify the corporation or board that they will not be able to attend the meeting although they have officially received notice of the meeting itself. Especially when a meeting is called on short notice or when the recipient is far from the proposed meeting location, it can be a good courtesy to include a waiver notice.

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